My research primarily focusses on connecting people to the Internet, focussing in using techniques such as satelite/aerial imagery and deep learning feature extraction.


I have worked on the second phase field study of the impact of the Initiative Nationale pour le Développement Humain (Moroccan National Initiative for Human Development) on social cohesion in supported communes. Together with CFD Director Jean-Louis Arcand, Mattias Rieger, and Tu Chi Nguyen (The World Bank, no profile, internally known as t.c.nguyen17, funny TEDx talk).

Together with the KoBo Toolbox designers from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, we (with Cogtina) conducted a baseline study in Conakry (Guinea) as part of a police reform project called police de proximite.

Also, with Coginta, conducted a security and police perceptions study (in French) together with the Geneva police.

Also working on an impact evaluation of the lowering of the male state-pension eligibiliy age in South Africa (from 65 to 60), on the anthropometrics of young children in the same household. In particular with regard to the gender of the pension recipient.

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