Economist at the ITU in Geneva, from the Netherlands. PhD in Development Economics from The Graduate Institute, Geneva. Author of the R-language deep learning framework RNN (>1,000 downloads / month, > 50,000 total). Interested in AI/deep learning, both on the applied side (e.g. using aerial imagery) and on the economic impact.

You can download my Curriculum Vitae here.

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I worked on the second phase field study of the impact of the Initiative Nationale pour le Developpement Humain (Moroccan National Initiative for Human Development) on social cohesion in supported communes. Together with CFD Director Jean-Louis Arcand, Mattias Rieger, and Tu Chi Nguyen (The World Bank, no profile, internally known as t.c.nguyen19, funny TEDx talk here).

Together with the KoBo Toolbox designers from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, we (with Cogtina) conducted a baseline study in Conakry (Guinea) as part of a police reform project called police de proximite.

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Formerly a Teaching Assitant at The Graduate Institute, teaching statistics in weekly workshops to a group of thirty master students. As well as supervising a group three masters students in an Applied Research Seminar.

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I have developed the R packages decompr (CRAN) and gvc (CRAN) which can be used for the Wang-Wei-Zhu and Leontief decomposition algorithms and futher analysis of Global Value chains. Author of the R-language deep learning framework RNN (>1,000 downloads a month). …more software


Interested in development economics, IT, open-source & open content. Hates typing on smartphones, 3DSecureCode systems for online payments, lack of bikelanes in Geneva (compared to home). Has no musical talent or rhythm in general. Would like to be better at programming, but generally to disorganised to be good at it. Reasonably good with Linux, R and LaTeX.

Sometimes working on a wikibook on the Kobo Toolbox, which is an open-source survey software suite (android) designed for conditions with limited access to internet, electricity, etc.

Would like to work on Bitcoin and its role in development economics. Particularly in connecting one of Bitcoin’s great potentials - remittances - with a home-grown developing-world technological-innovation: mobile banking.