Below is a list of the R packages that I authored, an overview is available here:


A Recurrent Neural Network in native R, transforms numbers to binaries before adding bit by bit, teaching itself how to carry.


Code examples for basic mechanisms of neural networks, such as backpropagation, gradient descent, and dropout.


with Mattieu Stigler

Set of functions for Regression Discontinuity Design (‘RDD’), for data visualisation, estimation and testing.


The diagonals package (CRAN) implements several tools for dealing with fat diagonals on matrices. Block-diagonal matrices can be extracted or removed using two small functions implemented here. Furthermore, non-square matrices are supported using two additional functions. Block-diagonal matrices occur when we combine two dimensions of a data set along one edge of a matrix. For example, trade-flow data in the decompr and gvc package have each country * industry combination occur on each edge of the matrix.


I have developed the R packages decompr (CRAN) which can be used for the Wang-Wei-Zhu and Leontief decomposition algorithms.


The gvc package (CRAN) can be used for futher analysis of Global Value chains. It implements several tools for this.

  • Importing to Export (i2e())
  • Exporting to Re-export (e2r())
  • New Revealed Comparative Advantage (nrca())


The wiod package (CRAN) contains the World Input-Output Database data in a format that can be used by the decompr and gvc packages.

rstudio-desktop-preview (Arch Linux)

Of course I am not the author of RStudio. This package installs nightly builds from the RStudio S3 server on Arch Linux.

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